Malvin gallery is born with an innovative challenge on the current art gallery scene, the mid career artists recovery and promotion and the rescue and positioning of others who left an important legacy to appreciate.

At Malvin Gallery we're assuming a sincere commitment based on a multidisciplinary team where investigation, promotion and traditional studies join social networking and new technologies as the allies for a new gallerism, far from impersonal and aggressive systems where artists become mere merchandise, without taking into account any quality or discourse criteria. We perform our own selection without being subdued to the "dictatorship" of the ongoing market, where the eclecticism and diversity based on excellency are our foundations.


Virginia Bauza Vicens

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

José Antonio Mijares Bermejo

Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer

César Maman

Business Manager

Pablo Bauza Vicens

Cofounder & Chief Communications Officer

Expert collaborators committee

Teresa Arnanz Villalta

Project Manager

Asis G. Ayerbe

Photographer & Graphic Designer